Fco terminal 5 map

Map of fco terminal 5. Fco terminal 5 map (Lazio - Italy) to print. Fco terminal 5 map (Lazio - Italy) to download. Rome Fiumicino Airport Terminal 5 (FCO) operates with direct flights to Israel and the United States. Fco terminal 5 has just a single floor with 3 entrances for Arrivals, Departures and Check-in, with check-in desks 501-520, 521-535 and 536-550 as its shown in fco terminal 5 map. Services: Information desk, special assistance lounge, police station and VAT Refund, among others.

Map of fco terminal 5

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Fco terminal 5 is subdivided into three main areas: an area dedicated to profiling activities, a check-in area and a security/passport control area, which also includes the gates to the shuttle bus service that transports passengers the 800m to the West Satellite for boarding as its mentioned in fco terminal 5 map. The security check area in fco terminal 5 provides a fast track service for frequent flyers and business class passengers. Fco terminal 5 is a short distance from Fiumicino other terminals; a shuttle service runs between the new facility and Terminal C.