Rome map

A map of Rome. Rome map (Lazio - Italy) to print. Rome map (Lazio - Italy) to download. Rome is the Eternal City, remaining today a political capital, a religious centre, and a memorial to the creative imagination of the past. The area city of Rome, 496 square miles (1,285 square km as its shown in Rome map); province, 2,066 square miles (5,352 square km). Pop. (2011) city, 2,617,175; province, 3,997,465; (2007 est.) urban agglom., 3,339,000; (2016 est.) city, 2,873,494; province, 4,353,738.
The Roman countryside, the Campagna or Rome, was one of the last areas of central Italy to be settled in antiquity. Rome was built on a defensible hill that dominated the last downstream as its mentioned in Rome map, high-banked river crossing where traverse of the Tiber was facilitated by a midstream island.
Rome is also divided into differing types of non-administrative units. The historic centre of Rome is divided into 22 rioni as its shown in Rome map, all of which are located within the Aurelian Walls except Prati and Borgo. These originate from the Regiones of ancient Rome, which evolved in the Middle Ages into the medieval rioni.
Rome is the national capital of Italy and is the seat of the Italian Government. The official residences of the President of the Italian Republic and the Italian Prime Minister, the seats of both houses of the Italian Parliament and that of the Italian Constitutional Court are located in the historic centre of Rome as its mentioned in Rome map.
Capital of Italy and located in the central-western region of Latium (Lazio) as its shown in Rome map, Rome (Roma in Italian) has a population of over 2.7 million residents, while the full metropolitan area consists of about 4 million inhabitants. The Tiber (il Tevere) winds south through the heart of Rome and derives from the Aniene River (l’Anio.) The Tyrrhenian Sea is located 24 kilometers east of the city centre.