Monti Rome map

Map of monti Rome. Monti Rome map (Lazio - Italy) to print. Monti Rome map (Lazio - Italy) to download. Rione (Neighborhood) Monti is a family neighborhood located on the outskirts of the main centers of interest of ancient Rome (Colosseum, Roman Forum, Forum of Trajan). Monti Rome hilly relief gave it its name. There is a real neighborhood life in monti Rome, a lot of trattorie, bars and original stores (designers, decoration, furniture, jewelry ...). The most characteristic streets are: Via dei Serpenti, Via del Boschetto, Via Urbana and Via Panisperna as its shown in monti Rome map.
Monti Rome is located in Municipio I, between Piazza della Repubblica, Termini Station and the Colosseum as its mentioned in monti Rome map, this rione ("district") is the fashionable place that is getting more and more fashionable. The Monti ("hills") owes its name to its topography, stretching over several hills in Rome (Esquilino, Viminale, as well as part of the Quirinale and Caelius). After a long period of urban transformation, this picturesque neighborhood has redeployed its charms around the small Piazza della Madonna dei Monti and along the cobbled streets of del Boschetto or Panisperna.
Rome Monti neighborhood is a collection of art galleries and enoteche (wine bars) just to the east of the Colosseum as you can see in monti Rome map. And after a lengthy phase of urban re-organization, monti Rome is a mecca for young tourists traveling to the Eternal City. Bordering the Roman Forum and the Esquiline district, it is also just a stone throw away from the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore (with its unique Cosmatesque flooring) and from that of St. Peter in Chains, site of Michelangelo glorious sculpture of Moses.