Trastevere district Rome map

Trastevere neighborhood Rome map. Trastevere district Rome map (Lazio - Italy) to print. Trastevere district Rome map (Lazio - Italy) to download. The most important tourist attraction of trastevere district Rome is the Italian atmosphere that can be found in the old working-class district. Stroll through the narrow streets and enjoy the thousand and one authentic details. The main tourist sites in trastevere district Rome is : Piazzi di Santa Maria in Trastevere is the lively heart of the district as its shown in trastevere district Rome map. This square with the church of the same name and a fountain is a meeting place for trasteverini. In the evening, the area around the square is the perfect place to go out in Rome.

Trastevere neighborhood Rome map

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The Basilica of Santa Maria del Trastevere: This basilica is one of the oldest churches in Rome dedicated to Mary and the tourist attraction of trastevere district Rome. Despite various restorations, the basilica has kept its medieval character, partly thanks to the many authentic mosaics. Villa Farnesina as its mentioned in trastevere district Rome map is also a beautiful 16th century mansion surrounded by symmetrical gardens with works by Raphael and Peruzzi. Seen from the outside, the mansion looks very sober, the interior is beautifully decorated in Renaissance style. The villa is one of the rare pearls of Rome that is not yet besieged by tourists.