Vatican city map

Map of vatican city and Rome. Vatican city map (Lazio - Italy) to print. Vatican city map (Lazio - Italy) to download. The State of Vatican City, in the center of Rome, is the smallest state in Europe, both in population and expanse as its shown in vatican city map. Vatican City (Città del Vaticano in Italian) is an independent city state located in the heart of Rome, ruled by the Pope (Bishop of Rome). Vatican city is the centre of authority over the Roman Catholic Church.

Map of vatican city and Rome

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The Vatican city is the smallest state in Europe. Vatican city has a total area of 0,44 km² and inside its wall live approximately 1000 people as its mentioned in vatican city map. In this small city lives the Pope, in the Apostolic palace surrounded by beautiful gardens. The palace is open to the public, but visitors have to book in advance. The Vatican City was declared independent from the rest of Italy on 11 February, 1929, with the signing of the Lateran Treaty between Pope Pius XI and Mussolini.
Within the Vatican city there are numerous interesting attractions to visit, but the best are the following: St. Peter Square (Piazza San Pietro), St. Peter Basilica and the Vatican Museums, where the Sistine chapel is located as its shown in vatican city map. Getting to the Vatican is easy, even though it is not technically part of Rome and is across the Tiber river from the historic center of Rome.
The Vatican city, the capital of Catholicism is with its 43 hectares surrounded by high walls the smallest state in the world. A large avenue, the Via della Conciliazione, connects the Tiber and the Castel Sant'Angelo with St. Peter Square and its basilica as you can see in vatican city map. This space was the old Borgo, a neighborhood with narrow streets that was demolished during the great works undertaken by Mussolini radically transforming the physiognomy of the place. To the north of the Vatican city, the affluent neighborhood of Prati and Clodio, between the Piazza Cavour Palace of Justice and the Piazzale Clodio court, is very airy and rather residential, with a variety of cafés, bars and restaurants, quality stores for clothes and luxury goods.