Topographic map of Rome

Rome topographic map. Topographic map of Rome (Lazio - Italy) to print. Topographic map of Rome (Lazio - Italy) to download. The topography of Rome—the advantage of the hills and the river—likely was a boon in Rome struggles against all of its neighbors. Likewise, the topography of Italy proper, with the Alps and the Appenines providing natural defenses in the north, hampered invasions from the outside. The topographic map of Rome, however, played a role in the Romans ultimately unsuccessful struggle to hold on to these territories after Trajan death.

Rome topographic map

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The altitude of the central part of Rome ranges from 13 m (43 ft) above sea level (at the base of the Pantheon) to 139 m (456 ft) above sea level (the peak of Monte Mario) as its shown in the topographic map of Rome. The comune of Rome covers an overall topographic area of about 1,285 km² (496 sq mi), including many green areas.