Rome tram 19 map

Map of Rome tram 19 . Rome tram 19 map (Lazio - Italy) to print. Rome tram 19 map (Lazio - Italy) to download. The Rome tram 19 runs down Viale delle Milizie, stopping (after Lepanto) at Milizie/Distretto Militare and then Milizie/Angelico as its shown in Rome tram 19 map. The terminal of Tram 19 is located in “Rione Prati”, a historic Roman neighbourhood next to the Vatican City and for this reason it is full of sights for tourists, citizens and it is the heartbeat of the Catholic Church and its believers.
Rome tram 19 runs between the Piazza Risorgimento (on the northern edge of the Vatican) and neighborhoods on the eastern side of the Tiber as its shown in Rome tram 19 map. Rome tram 19 skirt the Villa Borghese gardens on their long journey to the Porta Maggiore, where passengers can connect to Line 4 or 5 to reach Termini Station.