Termini station map

Map of termini station Rome Italy. Termini station map (Lazio - Italy) to print. Termini station map (Lazio - Italy) to download. On 25 February 1863, Pope Pius IX opened the first, temporary Termini Station as the terminus of the Rome–Frascati, Rome–Civitavecchia and Rome-Ceprano lines as its shown in termini station map. The first two lines previously had separate stations elsewhere in the city, and as the third line was under development, the city chose to build one central station, as opposed to the Paris model of having separate termini terminus stations for each line or each direction.

Map of termini station Rome Italy

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Roma Termini railway station is Rome most important train station. Every day 800 trains arrive and depart from this station, with over 480,000 passengers daily, making it the largest train station in Italy (see termini station map). Whether you get to Rome by train or land in one of the city airports, Roma Termini will most likely be a stop on your itinerary.
Termini station is very well connected; lines A and B of the Rome metro stop here, as well as several buses as its mentioned in termini station map. Termini station is also very close to some of the city top attractions including Trevi Fountain, a 30 minute-walk away. There is little to see in the immediate surroundings of Termini station. However, it is one of the most popular neighborhoods to find accommodation, especially cheaper lodging.