Rome landmarks map

Landmarks in Rome map. Rome landmarks map (Lazio - Italy) to print. Rome landmarks map (Lazio - Italy) to download. Thanks to its ancient Empire, the city of Rome has a wealth of history and culture to explore and learn about from the Pantheon, to the Roman Forum as its shown in Rome landmarks map, so it is not surprising that the city of Rome is one of the most popular around the world for landmarks and monuments.

Landmarks in Rome map

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The historical center of Rome occupies a surface of about 20 square kilometers and is listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site as its mentioned in Rome landmarks map. The most ancient part of the city develops on a few hills scattered along the banks of the river Tiber. If you want to visit a considerable part of ancient Rome landmarks, be prepared to walk for hours and hours. This virtual itinerary encompasses amazing Rome monuments and landmarks that deserve to be on your Rome bucket list.
Rome top landmarks are as storied as the city itself, relating a history that dates back to 753 B.C. and detailing moments that changed the world, like the rise and fall of the ancient Roman Empire and the formation of the Roman Catholic Church as you can see in Rome landmarks map. Many of Rome top landmarks, deemed so by established travel guides like Frommer and Fodor, remain easily accessible via the city tram, bus and underground metro system.